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about ME

Every horse and rider has something great within waiting to be unlocked. Let me help you find your something.



Whether you're learning basic fundamentals or honing your upper-level dressage skills, if you're in search of a dressage trainer who'll challenge you and is fun to boot, you've found her! I'm Alura Carmichael, an I1 level dressage rider and trainer. My philosophy is to bring horses and riders through the levels by accomplishing strength, mental clarity and finessing the tools to develop movements through both classical and modern dressage. Correct training takes patience and time. If corners are cut, both rider and horse will eventually end their career without ever reaching their full potential. My belief is that any sound horse and rider no matter their talent can school at least some upper level movements. More than anything, I enjoy the process of watching a horse-rider partnership grow and improve. Riding should be fun for you and your horse, every moment a new adventure to explore.

Alura has a special talent to relate to horses and therefore has a training ability enhanced by the communication shared between herself and the horse. Her communication skills with rider as well as the horse are exemplary and she has the capability to instruct and train both.
— Janice

Training & Lessons

It doesn't matter if you are an eventer, a show jumper, a trail rider or a true dressage enthusiast,
dressage can help you become a better rider and develop a deeper partnership with your horse.



I offer an array of lessons and packages to best suite you and your horses needs. Whether you own, lease or use a school horse, private and group dressage lessons are available. My program fits many personalities with a calm, patient and fun approach. My promise to you is that, if you're engaged in the process, your riding will improve. I'll ride your horse and teach him or her how to shine in and out of the show ring and be a better partner for you. I absolutely love the process of bringing young horses up through the levels and gaining their love and respect.

Alura is positive, kind, caring, strong, smart, talented, and hardworking. She is everything I could ever want and need from a coach and trainer. She is an amazing horsewoman and is a gift to the sport of dressage as well as all of the horse and rider teams she comes in contact with. She’s the real deal. Seriously, call her...your horse will thank you!
— Kristin, Client






Whether you're ready to start taking lessons or you have questions, I'm excited to hear from you.

Please feel free to email, call or text me directly. Or fill out the form below and I will be in touch very soon!

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