about me

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Whether you're learning basic fundamentals or honing your upper-level dressage skills, if you're in search of a dressage trainer who'll challenge you and is fun to boot, you've found her! I'm Alura Carmichael, an I1 level dressage rider and trainer traveling from Englewood, Colorado.

My philosophy is to bring horses and riders through the levels by accomplishing strength, mental clarity and finessing the tools to develop movements. I use a modern approach on classical dressage. Correct training takes patience and time. If corners are cut, both rider and horse will eventually end their career without ever reaching their full potential. I believe that any sound horse and rider no matter their talent can school at least some upper level movements. More than anything, I enjoy the process of watching a horse-rider partnership grow and improve. Riding should be fun for you and your horse, every moment there is a new adventure to explore.

Happiness is the key to a successful horse, which begins with the foundation. One must provide a calm and consistent environment, proper training which emphasizes on building a relationship, ample turnout, social interaction and maintaining their health. With our team, we are able to provide all of these key factors.

With 10 years of experience in the equine industry, working in dressage and hunter/jumpers. My biggest training influences have been Allison Dechant, Bent Jensen, Bjorn Ikast and Bernie Traurig. I'm always learning and improving myself. I understand that no matter what level rider you are, we are all still students. Whether it is just finessing or fine-tuning no one is beyond further improvement. Through riding and training my own horse in high school, I developed a passion for horses and dressage in particular. Much of my background is in training FEI adult amateurs but I teach any level from beginners to 4th level. 

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I worked as a working student for Allison Dechant for several years and quickly became her assistant trainer. Riding multiple horses a day and giving one on one attention to the FEI horses. Whether I was traveling to California for shows or staying home to keep the horses going, I was home. I immediately fell in love with the passion and grace of Dressage.

When you find that thing that truly warms your soul, the overwhelming feeling of happiness; butterflies in your stomach and head to toe nostalgic feeling. That is the feeling I get every time a horse and I connect and understand what is being asked of them. Also, when a horse and rider team connect the dots and understand what feeling we have been working so hard for. It truly is an amazing feeling and I love what I do.